“Friday” Motorway Music™, September 14

No, I haven’t completely lost my marbles. I do realise it is not yet Friday. Hence, actually, the quotation marks.

But it is sort of Friday for me – in that tomorrow, the day before this weeks actual Friday, I jump with friends and part of the family into an airplane so that we can hurl through skies in a pressurised tube to get to spend a long weekend in Berlin.

And rather than blogging, Friday morning will me a mix of leisurely breakfasting and getting ready for some “Besichtigung”. Excuse me if I sound smug… 😉

So, today – well, it started off in the late R’s and continued into early S. ??? Well, the random/mix functionality had turned itself off. What the current playlist had to offer under those circumstances was:

Rund Funk / Shu-bi-dua (Funkshowets går meget sent i seng mix)
Safety Dance / Men without Hats
Samba Pa Ti / Carlos Santana
Savage / Eurythmics
The Saxophone Song / Kate Bush

Star song of the morning to me was Santana – I will spare you from trying to quote from Samba Pa Ti…

Photo by me.
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