Friday Motorway Music™, September 2

Sunshine over Motorring 3

That thing there in the picture, up in the sky? I know that many of you feel the way that good old Danish rock poet C. V. Jørgensen described so well: “And nobody remembers anymore what the sun was looking like / When you exclude the precious few / Who claim that the sun, oh it was blue”.

Not that it is strange that people may have difficulty in relating to this odd celestial object. This has been a summer in Denmark that was fractions of an inch from being the wettest in recorded history – a mere two mm of rain extra in the bucket and it would have been at the top of the podium. And at least five locations in Denmark did not record one single day this year that meteorologically qualified as a summer’s day. Bleh!

But nevertheless, in that picture? It is the sun. Scout’s honour. On a cloudless sky, even. What a feeling…

Which nicely ties into this week’s cheery, upbeat, odd mix of ages and styles kind of Motorway Music list:

Flashdance (What a Feeling) / Irene Cara
Money for Nothing / Dire Straits
Roadhouse Blues / The Doors
Blame it on the Boogie / Michael Jackson
Blue Jean / David Bowie

– and to stay on the weather-related side of things:

“I like smoke and lightning
Heavy metal thunder
Racin’ with the wind
And the feelin’ that I’m under
Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild”

Born to be Wild / Steppenwolf

Photo by me.
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