Friday Motorway Music™, August 26

Friday. A seriously good invention. Can Nobel prizes be given for inventing a day?

I seem to have gotten myself into a habit of accompanying the music lists with a little bit of smalltalk. As today’s list in and by itself didn’t really create any sparks of inspiration despite containing some absolutely nice music, I will do a classic Danish fall-back and discuss the weather. Danes can always do that. And taxes. And we’re not really content with either, ever – but wouldn’t have it differently. Danes in a nutshell 😉

The summer’s given rise to a thoughts about whether Harold Camping was right*, after all. It’s been the kind of weather that must have been there to inspire Noah to build the ark way back then.  And we’re not talking about the 30-stories high one filled with fish.**

Maybe it’s time to look for what each one of us can contribute to in terms of the next needed ark. Personally, I have signed up for the soundtrack team. “Who’ll stop the rain” and “I can’t stand the rain” so far is on the list. The jury’s still out on “It’s raining men” …

With that madness over and done with, here’s today’s rather mixed list:

Sweet Home Alabama / Lynyrd Skynyrd
Funky Town / Lipps, Inc.
House of the Rising Sun / The Animals
One Day in your Life / Anastacia
Two Tribes / Frankie goes to Hollywood

– and no good lyrics quotes off that one either. Except maybe joining Lipps, Inc in their wish to move – only, to a place with less wet weather.

Photo courtesy of me
* Some think so. Hurricane Irean, rain… to them, it all points the same way. Dear Bob…
* If you don’t know the joke: God to Noah: Please build a new ark, 30 stories high, and fill it with fish. Noah: But why? God: Some day, someone will desire a 30-story carp ark. Sorry….
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