Life is a many thread-ened thing*

I honestly do not know what the picture above is or how it came into existence. I was taking some snapshots of something as wildly exciting as labels on products in the company’s warehouse – chilled storage, even, or maybe even the cold. Those are around 10°C and 5°C respectively. No complaints – we also have-55°C (-67°F) storage – cold enough for the Danish military patrol for Greenland, the Sirius Patrol, to train in there.

Which all has absolutely nothing to do with what I wanted to say.

And yet, it might. Because when I looked at the picture again, before dumping it, it suddenly appeared to me that it looked something like the biological-digital fettucine that I call my brain these days. Which quite well may have had an end unravelled and resulting in the yarn spun above. (Yep, plenty of metaphors there).

Basically, there is everyday life (“Life, don’t talk to me about life…” ;)**) which consists of varying concentrations of family, work, scouting and travels, whether for fun or work. And then, for the time being, there’s ailing elderly family members, which means both dealing with health, social and finance services; a new roofing project that turned up necessary; an urgent need for re-forming the scouting troop’s leadership team (bugger! if you’ll excuse me the language) and various odds and ends.

Enough to make heads spin, I should think – and at least enough to make my thought processes long, parallel, metal-shiny and many. And slightly out of focus, of course 😯

* With due apologies to Sammy Fein & Paul Francis Webster’s whose fine song title I have paraphrased a wee bit
** Uttered by Marvin the Paranoid Android in The Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, chapter 11
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