Friday Public Transport Music™, August 19 – special edition


Today is a party day – the science park in which the company I work for has a big gathering in which all the companies in the park compete in teams in various sports all afternoon and crown the affair with a big dinner & party tonight. To give you an idea of the event, some 1,500 will probably be there for the sports and just over 1,000 for the party. Live music ‘n all 🙂

So normally I’d be musically gearing up from the early morning sunrise (05:48 – if it hadn’t been abysmally gray and wet, yet again, at that time) and put my DJay playlist on random.

That’s a BPM sorted party-ish list of stuff from the 70s to just a short while ago, aimed at burning off dancefloors. One day I’ll be proficient enough with the DJay app on my iPad to play a set from it, promise!

But I digress. I had a song in my head from yesterday with brilliant rock singer Melissa Etheridge and decided to honour that by watching/listening to the solo concert “Live… and alone” done at the Kodak Theatre in California. Hope I’ll be excused for lifting a picture off the internet for that.

That performance is … charisma defined. Add some truly magnificent songs and Melissa’s wonderful rock voice. Nice for a morning trip!

The limited time on the trip allowed for the following tracks – with a little bit of jumping ahead here and there:

Come to My Window
All American Girl
Chrome Plated Heart
The Weakness in Me

… though today’s quote is picked from a later song from the performance:

“Somebody bring me some water
Can’t you see it’s out of control
Baby’s got my heart and my baby’s got my mind
But tonight the sweet Devil’s got my soul”

from Bring Me Some Water. Tell me you’re going to watch that some day. She rocks!

I won’t be that bad at the party tonight, I promise! 😉

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