Friday Motorway Music™, August 5

Back on track and it’s Friday 🙂

I was thinking, as I drove along and the iPod in the glove compartment played along, that today’s result of the randomisation procees seemed to be coherent with getting into the car and starting to drive: a slow, smooth acceleration.

Beth / City Boy
The boy from Ipanema / Diana Krall
Still got the Blues / Gary Moore
Should I stay or should I go / The Clash
Woman from Tokyo* / Deep Purple

This Friday’s lyrics quote I picked from the first tune – many would agree that it says something about the July we just had in Denmark 😉

Hey, there’s no-one to blame
I feel the same way too
Clouds in July
Stormy weather for you and I
We were caught in the rain, so very wet again
Stuck in a jam, cursing the weather man..

Photo courtesy of Mr Ush on Flickr.

* OK, could have been “Highway Star” – but that would’ve been too much of a coincidence, I reckon.

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