Monday Motorway Music™, August 1

A slightly overcast Monday morning but offering a respectable 21°C just after 8…

Just to keep a small amount of pretense that continuity still is lurking around, Friday by-bus-to-Work Music™ got cancelled due to tecnnical difficulties (read: daughter by accident nicked my headphones…)

But without further ado, here is today’s list of music that brightened my morning:

Let’s Go / Eurythmics
Black Velvet / Alannah Myles
Kiss / Tom Jones & Art of Noise
Du musst mein Zufall sein / Frl. Menke

– and

With no loving in our souls
And no money in our coats
You can’t say we’re satisfied
But Angie, Angie
You can’t say we never tried

Angie / Rolling Stones

(and yes, I did want to put the Frl. Menke lyrics up there – but keeping the remains of my written German grammar sharp enough to transcribe it from the iPod on a Monday morning? Nah…)

Photo courtesy of Jana Mills on Flickr.
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