BMW: Bleeping My Way ?

BMW logo in rain

I should start by a confession – I am probably a little strange… (yes, I hear you, my dear daughter – I know you firmly believe that it’s not just a little)

But I do wholeheartedly like driving my Citroën C5. Yes, I know it’s French. And yes, I realise that as such, it is not German. Not that I have anything against things German at all – their weissbier for one is such a brilliant invention (there the daughter goes again).

When I have to put fingers to my keyboard (which by the way feels as if there has been weissbier in it at some point – the p, å , ¨ and sometimes even the mmmmmmmmmm are all sticky) and rant just a little bit about BMWs, it’s merely because I seem to be harrassed by them at the moment.

I don’t know what it is. I reckon it must be the drivers – cars do not quite have their own will, do they? Apart from Brum?

It started by a guy in a dark grey-blue larger model (the model number was a bit blurred due to the speed at which it disappeared from sight) who all but pushed me to the side on the motorway, regardless of the obvious overtaking of a lorry I was doing at a respectable speed. “Learn to get up earlier or accept being late”, I thought to myself and hummed along to the morning music.

Then, while searching for parking near the shop where I needed to hand in a Verdirosi poster we bought in Italy for framing, I could have had a rather perfect place quickly. If it hadn’t been for the slate gray BMW lazily parked across the line between two parking spaces. Harumph. Eejit. Sorry, but that kind of disregard gets to me.

To make it three strikes, on my way out of the same parking lot, a small white BMW 100-something came slowly driving, obviously while picking out the right place to park. Oh, of course, there! Yihaaa! Eureka! Something like that must have gone through the driver’s brain the moment he* saw that the two-places-occupying BMW had disappeared while I was doing gasping and breath exercises on learning the price of having the poster framed.

And so the white BMW scuttled in there. To credit the guy, he parked in one space only. But to get there, he entered against the clearly marked “no entry” sign and thus against the one-way traffic because, obviously, driving such a fine car from legendary Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, mere signage does not get in the way of the easy way in.

Are BMWs delivered with an etui of exemption passes for the more common traffic law rules? Speeding? “Oh, sorry officer – will this do?” *hands over pale blue slip from a sumptuous leather folder* “But of course, sir. Have a nice day!” Somehow I don’t think so. But how else can I explain the apparent link between BMWs in my vicinity and traffic violations of varying degree?

It couldn’t be because they secretly covet my Citroën? 😛

Photo courtesy of Reigh Sierra on Flickr.

* I am not assuming all BMW drivers are men. Even if most of the bad ones may well be (That, sort of, was a compliment to the women out there driving, even if it’s in BMWs. Please don’t track me down tomorrow and make it in vain). In this particular case, I saw that it was a he. A younger one, too.

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