Are you happy now, Wayne Sapp?

Your event with burning of the Qur’an has raised demonstrations in several places. In one of them, in Northern Afghanistan, 8 UN people: 5 Nepalese, 1 Romanian, 1 Norwegian and 1 Swede were killed, two of them by decapitation.

Did you get out of this demonstration event what you wanted? Did the political outcome of your event match the death of 8 people? Would you be able to convince 8 families bereft of dear family members that your stunt was worth it?

Or didn’t you merely realise that what you did might have global consequences you didn’t see coming?

(And for the record: yes, I supported the Danish cartoons at the time as I thought that what they tried to achieve and the means by which they did it were in the same league – and I have approved of similar drawings aimed at other religions. However, I would never approve of the burning of any holy book – not even of all religions’ holy books at the same time)

(And one more for the record: No, I do in no way condone or accept the meaningless violence in Afghanistan, either. The kíllers should be prosecuted and my thoughts go to the poor families who were hapless victims to two sets of imbecile actions)

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3 Responses to Are you happy now, Wayne Sapp?

  1. Cobblestone says:

    @Maria –
    My viewpoint is that any radicalism is bad; whether it is Muslim or Christian or anything else. Without being scholar enough to rapidly find and quote from either holy book; I am well versed enough in religions of the world to be quite sure that both major religions actually preach tolerance if you read them well and keep to their original messages instead of taking men’s interpretations aimed at fitting into current political agendas at heart.

    So live well and confident in and with your faith, but do not use it to slander or attack others.

    @rob – it shows that you get some of it quite well, actually. We may agree that the actions of this church is not Christian and that the world would be a better place without such blasphemic actions!But then, sadly, you slip down the mad slope – no, nobody should be calling for stoning of others, neither does being a believer in any religion make anyone a moron.

    At both – and all others for that matter: In general, dialogue and respect is the way. Radicalism, name-calling, suggesting or calling for violence, standing on the piedestal of The One True Faith™ (whatever it may be) and looking down on the others – none of this will cause anything but continued fighting, trouble and unrest.

    And at least in this house, debate will be proper and respectful. It may be named after a cobblestone, but they’re not for throwing with. Oh, and no spitting either!

  2. rob says:

    Were your actions worth lives? You radical so called Christians by your actions are not Christians at all. The Quran holds Jesus on high, the book mentions Jesus in a glorified way and you destroyed those words, sinners. Your are not following the light of Jesus by your actions. You people are morons and because you can be considered evil using the Christian name sake you are now condemned, repent, to late to make up for the lives you caused lost. You should be held accountable for the lives lost and the lives of our troops that nnow have to face the backlash of Muslim anger. You should be stoned.

    • Maria says:

      The muslims decapitate people, burn Holy Bibles, blow up buildings, murder innocent people, lie…there is no excuse for such demonic actions…the unholy Quran is a hate book…it does not hold Jesus on high…it does not glorify the one and only True and Living God on high…

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