Dear Flying Blue Customer (Dis)Service

How can it be that I am promised by Flying Blue service center personnel (in the US) that my JFK-CPH ticket is upgradeable and that upgrade seats are available and that when I get to the airport, the check-in and/or gate agents can perform a same-day upgrade – only to be told by the Delta people that no, they have no way of accessing my Flying Blue account so for them to be performing the upgrade is impossible?

Secondly, due to Delta delays I was re-routed over AMS and the cust service people said that on this flight, DL56, there were no upgrade seats. At the gate they said there was – but again, due to my miles being Flying Blue, they could do nothing in terms of making the upgrade.

Lack of training? Incompetence?

I am in a situation now where I will fly, being able to look at empty business class seats – yet, despite 100000+ miles not being able to get one. This is NOT what I call a loyality programme. It is one that makes me jump through hoops to fly Star Alliance.

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