Weather or climate?

The weather’s odd. But at least it’s something we all can talk about 🙂

Currently, Father Frost has bitten good and well into my part of the world – snow’s been on the ground for weeks now despite Saturday’s rather efficient thaw. But this Monday morning, we’re back in the freezer. And it may get worse:

Forecasting cold

That curve is chilling. And obviously will make some people go “Ha, told you. There’s no global warming…!”


“Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, Michel Jarraud, says people should not confuse local weather variability with climate change.”

Yep, there’s weather and there’s climate. Weather is what you see outside your window and feel on your nose. And climate is the overall picture that you have to record and remember and then analyse.  (ref)

To put it in an even more straight-forward way: “It’s kind of like a drunk driver. The car is weaving back and forth, but it’s still progressing forward.” (Richard Heim,  NCDC meteorologist – here) So even if we’re seeing some cold, we’re not saved from global warming and free to burn all the oil we want.

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